Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sony Ericsson to expand Walkman, Xperia phones

While every brand today is innovating to enrich consumer experience in music, gaming and imaging, Sony Ericsson stands out because it combines Sony's entertainment capabilities with the right Android attributes.


Sony Ericsson has often emphasized its big plans for the Asia Pacific region, including India, where it will release a wide range of products that tap mobile trends and have mass appeal.
The company, which created Xperia Play, the world's only PlayStation gaming phone, also plans to add more gaming capabilities to its devices. In an email interaction with Sandeep Budki of 'The Mobile Indian', Prasun Kumar, head of marketing at Sony Ericsson, India, shared his thoughts on what Indian consumers can expect form the company in the coming months.

What kind of innovation in devices, particularly from Sony Ericsson, can mobile users look forward to in the coming months?
Looking closely at some industry trends we understand that consumers, especially the youth, like to indulge in gadgets that give them an immersive experience on-the-go.
In the coming months we plan to expand our flagship range of Walkman and Xperia phones. While the Xperia range will continue to extend the imaging and gaming experiences, we will have new phones for people with active lifestyles. For those who like to stay fit the phone will be pre-loaded with sports apps that enable consumers to easily track their fitness. On the other hand, Walkman will be designed to provide consumers with great music.

Among all the devices innovations implemented by your company which is your all time favorite and why?
My all time favourite innovation would be the Sony features embedded on our Xperia range of phones, especially on Sony Ericsson Xperia arc. What makes it my favourite device is the best imaging experience, thanks to Sony's award winning Exmor R technology. I get to document plays on YouTube and my photo albums on Picasa. What is even better is that the phone can be connected to larger screens such as TVs and computers. And the Exmor R sensor captures movies and stills in low light and turns them into shining epics.

Could you tell us about an innovation failure Sony Ericsson has faced in its phones?
While every brand today is innovating to enrich consumer experience in the music, gaming and imaging space, what makes Sony Ericsson stand out are the added entertainment capabilities that come from Sony, along with the right Android attributes.
Each of our mobile phones has a unique design and added features to appeal to consumers. Sometimes, consumers take time to understand the technology well and then fall for it. Some of our phones such as Xperia Play have been revolutionary devices and have appealed to consumers after engagement with the phone.

What is the one thing you are hooked to on your mobile and what's the reason for it?
Currently, I am using a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play which makes me spend most of my free time playing on the phone. The phone is a complete gaming trip as it combines Sony's PlayStation capabilities with Android (Gingerbread 2.3) market place, where I can make a choice from over 90 titles. Recently, I have been traveling a lot for work. Xperia Play has been like a stress buster at airports and during work breaks.

What are the initiatives taken to popularize Sony Ericsson W8?
We are happy to inform our users that we very recently launched the world's first Walkman Smartphone, Sony Ericsson W8. The phone is absolutely a delight to music lovers and is filled with surprises including the FM Moment and Share Moment applications, designed just for India; and a bundled-in speaker, FM string and even snap-on colours to choose from.
To make the music experience even better, Sony Ericsson has partnered with Reliance Communications to make the W8 available through an innovative '100per cent money back' offer that will be available on the Reliance 3G network to all mobile customers.
Customers get to access over 50 songs and above 12 videos pre-loaded on the phone for free. In addition, customers also get a free Reliance 3G SIM with deep discounts on pre-paid offers for 12 months and 100 per cent money back on post-paid offers over a period of 24 months.


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